5 Tricks How To Find Cheap Business Class Flights

We all like priority check-in, lounge access, lie-flat seats and champagne in the sky. We will show you how you can find cheap business class flights.

When travelers hear the words “business class flight” they do not only associate all the nice things you get but also non-affordable tickets.

Business class flights and cheap rarely go together, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unaffordable.

Business class flights are usually more expensive than an economy flight, but after adding all the benefits you get in business class, the difference in price isn’t always that big as it appears on the first sight.

We’ll show you that a business class flight can be affordable. You don’t have to pay a fortune to fly in business class.

BA Business Class Club Suites

Cheap Business Class Flights

Many people mistakenly believe they already know how to get cheap business class tickets. We’ve heard this so often… cheap business class tickets can be found on Skyscanner, the cheapest weekday to book a flight is a Tuesday.

Don’t get us wrong Skyscanner is good, we sometimes redirect our deals to Skyscanner as well. But Skyscanner is nothing more than a metasearch engine that compares prices for flights, hotels and car hire.

Airlines do cheap or expensive prices, not Skyscanner. However, you can often find cheaper prices at this place from different online travel agencies (OTA’s) than with the airline itself.

To get cheap business class flights, you have to watch out for a few things.

Here are 5 tips how to find cheap business class flights:

1. Look out for sales

Business class sale

Airlines regularly offer sales in Business and First Class. By “regularly,” we don’t mean that airlines publish sales on specific dates, like a summer or winter sale.

Different airlines offer sales on different routes throughout the year, but there’s no way to predict the exact dates.

These sale fares are actually the deals we are posting here on Premium-Flights.com and the one you can find in our +30K Facebook Group.

We check daily to find these fares and post them here for you, for free.

These “sale fares” also have expiration dates, which you can find in our posts under Fare Rules – Sales Restrictions. Sometimes, airlines extend these dates to sell a few more tickets. However, they might also withdraw the fare before the date listed in the sales restrictions.

Occasionally, airlines also offer flash sales. These sales often last for only 24 hours or less, and ticket prices are exceptionally low.

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2. Be flexible

Business Class ticket prices vary significantly depending on the date you travel and in which country or city the itinerary originates.

Instead of departing on a Friday, you could depart on a Thursday. By changing the date to a single day, the ticket price could suddenly drop by 500 €/$/£.

Tickets may as well become much cheaper if you choose the right airport to depart from. It might be possible that you will find a business class flight for half the price from a different airport than your home airport. That sounds like a lot of money, but this really occurs very often.

In such a case, it would perfectly make sense to depart from that airport, even if you have to drive 2 or 3 hours by car to reach that airport. You could as well buy a cheap economy class ticket from your home airport to the airport that offers the cheap business class flight.

Sometimes it makes even sense to depart from an airport in another country and buy a separate cheap ticket to that airport.

You can use our search function to find your desired destination, and it will show you all fares available from different airports.


3. Cheap Business Class Routes

There are some flight routes on which you may often find cheap business class tickets, even for transatlantic flights.

We will provide you with two examples to show you that Business Class doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Example 1:

For a while, the cheapest business class tickets from Europe to North America can be found from Dublin as outbound airport, and Madrid or Barcelona as inbound airport.

A Business Class Round Trip ticket will cost you only 1230€, here below is the link to the deal:

  • Example 2:

From Oslo, Stockholm or Goteborg you can often find cheap Business or even First Class tickets to Asia, here below is one example. (More deals can be found on our website)

4. Book in advance

Most airlines allow you to book flight tickets up to a year in advance. If you plan to visit a destination next year, it’s a good idea to start looking for cheap fares now.

It’s possible that an airline is currently running a sale with discounted business class tickets to your desired destination, possibly even from your home airport, on the exact dates you’re looking for.

If you find a great price, don’t wait. We’ve experienced this ourselves—seeing a good price and assuming it would come back or get cheaper, only to find out it didn’t.

At the end, we paid much more than necessary.


5. Upgrade or book your flight with miles

Some people still believe that what you’re wearing at check-in increase your chances for an upgrade, dress to impress won’t work.

What gets you an upgrade are miles/points. You should always collect miles for every single flight or credit card purchase you make.

If you know how to use your points and miles, you can book cheap business or even first class flights.

However, this takes time. Don’t expect to fly from Europe to Hawaii in business class this year when you haven’t started collecting miles or points yet.

Read our tutorials, all about AVIOS, all about MILES AND MORE, to get started with the points and miles game.



Frequently Asked Question

When are business class sales?

Airlines publish sales throughout the year on different routes. However, there is no fix date like a summer or winter sale. There’s no way to predict on what date airlines publish their sale.

What is the cheapest day to buy a business class ticket?

To believe that on a certain day, flights are cheaper than on another is false. Airlines publish sales throughout the year, in the fare rules you will find for which days this sale is valid.

Which airline offers the cheapest business class tickets?

It’s difficult to tell which airline sells the cheapest business class tickets. TAP often sells cheap business class tickets from Europe to the US. But when sales have started, there will be cheaper tickets by other airlines.

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