American Express Miles-and-More: 11.000 Bonus Miles (for Belgium or Luxembourg)

Get 11.000 miles at Miles-and-More, simply by subscribing to the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express and meeting the minimum spent requirements.

The normal price for the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card is 12,50€ a month, however with this offer the first 3 months are for free.

This offer is only valid if you live in Belgium or Luxembourg.

American Express Miles-and-More Bonus miles

If you apply for the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card now, you will receive 6’000 bonus miles immediately and you receive and additional 5’000 bonus miles at Miles & More if you spent only 1500€ within the first three months summing up to 11’000 miles.

The LINK for the Bonus can be found at the bottom of the page. As we refer you, you will get the bonus as well do we.

Why should I get the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express credit card?

All of us spend money every day for daily purchases, like supermarket, online purchases, fuel stations, restaurants, IKEA…

If you are collecting Miles at Miles-and-More anyway and you use your American Express card, you will collect 1,5 miles for every Euro spent. This is the best ratio you can get with any credit card in Belgium or Luxembourg.

The miles will be credited to your account at the end of each spending month.

Are there other benefits?

There are a couple of other benefits along with the ones described above:

  • Your miles will never expire, as long as you have the American Express credit card.
  • If you spent more than 20’000€ per year, you will receive an additional 10’000 bonus miles.
  • Many insurances regarding travel are included with the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express card.

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