Black Friday | BA 20% off from UK (with examples in Business Class)


British Airways have started their Black Friday Sale today, with a discount code you get 20% off on all flights from the UK, except first class.

The promotion code is only available until midnight today and only for departures from the UK and operated by British Airways.

How To Book

You have to book via British Airways here.

Select your flight and click on “Apply voucher”, then click on “Promotional code” and enter BFOffer

All British Airways Club Suite Routes can be found here.

Here are a few examples with prices after entering the promotional code

  • New York    £1000
  • Boston        £1000
  • Los Angeles  £1000
  • San Francisco     £1000
  • Las Vegas      £1000
  • Seattle           £1000
  • Orlando         £1000
  • Miami            £1000
  • Punta Cana  £1199
  • Montego Bay £1232
  • Cancun        £1230
  • Bridgetown   £1265

Travel Dates

Examples above are for travel dates until March 31,21

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