Black Friday Travel Deals 2020 | What To Expect

Black Friday 2020 Travel Deals

What Black Friday Travel Deals can you expect this year 2020, that has been marked by Covid-19?

Last year we wrote an article when the best time to book cheap business class tickets is, and we came to the conclusion that it is not always on Black Friday.

BUT, we think that it will be different this year! Don't get us wrong, we can't look into the future nor do we have a crystal ball for this purpose. The travel industry was at its peak in 2019. More tickets were sold than any year before. Therefore, there was no need to bring us tons of Black Friday deals last year.


Black Friday Travel Deals 2020

This year has been very hard for airlines and many had to declare bankruptcy or stopped their service once and for all.

All airlines without exception are in trouble right now. That means they all need to gather as much money and as fast as possible. Most passengers are still not buying tickets at the moment, even though there have already been a few very good deals available.

Due to Covid-19 travel is complicated and many people still need an “extra motivation” to spend money for traveling. Black Friday 2020 could be exactly what is needed to restart that process with tons of cheap travel deals.

That's why WE think that there will be some amazing deals in 2020. We think that lots of cheap business class and first class tickets will be popping up. Usually most hotel brands will offer some amazing hotel deals as well, and we will post the big promotions too.

This month might be perfect if you are looking to make a bargain for a business class ticket or even a first class ticket. Black Friday 2020 is coming….


What travel deals can you expect on Black Friday?

As we said before there haven't been tons of excellent deals in 2019. We had seen better ones back in 2018. This year we expect to see deals that are at least as good as those back in 2018.

Here are a few examples from 2018 and 2019:


Black Friday 2020 Travel Deals


Black Friday 2020 FAQ

Is Black Friday a good time to book travel?

YES and NO! Black Friday is usually a good time to book travel, but not always the best time. However, WE think that this year Black Friday will be one of the best days to book Travel Deals for your trips in 2020 and of course in 2021 as well.

Where can I find Black Friday travel deals?

We will post all Black Friday travel deals, especially those that are in relation to cheap business class or first class airfares. We've also added a Black Friday 2020 category where we will post all Black Friday travel deals from this year, 2020.

When will Black Friday travel deals start?

This year Black Friday will be on November, 27. We expect to see most of the travel deals on that day. However, usually the first Black Friday deals will already pop up a few days before that date.


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