New British Airways business class suite. Inverness-Toronto-London 1411€


It is now possible to book the new British Airways business class suite, if you fly Inverness via London to Toronto and back to London for 1411€.

From London to Toronto and vis versa, the flight numbers you are looking for will be BA92 and BA93.

Choose 11h40 for the flight to Toronto and 18h20 for the flight back to London.

You may also start from London but then the price is higher.

This price is available on limited dates from November onwards. You can check availability with Google flights, look out for “own suite” as a seat type.

From Inverness you will save an additional 150€.


The flight from London to Madrid with the new business class will be available from mid August, the exact date however will probably only be confirmed 30 days in advance. It will probably be the flight of 06h20 out of London in the morning.

London to Toronto and Dubai will be flown with the brand new A350 aircraft from 1st of October on several flights.


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