Booked a hotel? PRUVO can get you the same room at a much lower price

Get the best price for your Hotel room.

Hotel prices tend to change also after reservations have been made.

Of course you may check every day to find a better deal, or let Pruvo do it. Pruvo is 100% FREE.

Book your flexible hotel room on any website, then use Pruvo and get price drop alerts for the exact room you booked so you can re-book and save money.

How it works

Forward your hotel reservation to Pruvo (via email) (must be a reservation that you can cancel for free of course). They will then check for a better price. If you don't hear from them it means that you've booked the cheapest possible price already.

Pruvo will email you once they find the exact room you booked for a lower price, all you have to do is cancel it and rebook the exact same hotel room for a lower price!






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