British Airways Executive Club – Part 9, BA Redemption Finder

British Airways redemption finder.


BA redemption finder

British Airways redemption finder

BA redemption finder, we will show you how to find redemptions with British Airways the easy way.

Find reward seats

The website is very simple. Enter you departure airport, where you want to fly to, for how many people you want to book, the class you want to fly as well as if it is a one-way or return flight.

BA redemption finder


Search a specific route for the next 355 days

On top, click on “I know where I want to go” and then on view availability. Now the BA redemption finder will show you the availability for the entered route with your settings for the next 355 days. This is amazing as you can see exactly when it will be possible to book your redemption over the whole year. You can look up every existing nonstop British Airways flight out there. Unfortunately it is not possible to look up for connection flights yet.

Peak and off-peak dates are even colored differently, and on top of the screen you can see the taxes you need to pay in addition to the required avios.

BA redemption finder


Search for destinations by a specific date

Now it is even possible to search available destinations for specific return dates out of London. Therefore, click “I don’t know where I want to go” on top of the screen, enter your departure and return dates with the class you desire to book, and the BA redemption finder will show you every available destination you can book for the entered dates along with the number of avios you require.

This service however only works for return flights out of London. Unfortunately it seems that within the near future this functionality will not be available for free anymore.

BA redemption finder


Seat alerts for 3£ per month

With a subscription of 3£ a month, you will even get more functionalities out of this service. You can put in a seat alert and the BA redemption finder will check every hour for you if a seat on your desired route has become available and sends you an alert. Furthermore, the site will be ads free with a paid subscription.



The BA redemption finder is a very nice way to help you find your reward seats as you see the availability of a whole year with just one click. Unfortunately it currently only works with nonstop BA flights, but this tool is definitely a big improvement in terms of award availability search.

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