Miles-and-More Tutorial Part 2 – HolidayCheck

We will update our Miles-and-more tutorial series during the next weeks. Today we will cover HolidayCheck

HolidayCheck explained

HolidayCheck is a Website where you can post hotel reviews and view those of other users. The site is pretty straightforward and it is very easy to post a review.

What does HolidayCheck has to do with miles?

At HolidayCheck, every month, for up to 10 reviews, you will be credited with 100 miles per review.  Another big advantage is that usually twice a year, HolidayCheck doubles the amount of miles you can acquire to 200 miles per review, during a period of a month. So we suggest that you always wait with your reviews until such a promotion is online to maximize the amount of miles you will get. We will announce on our site when such a promotion begins.

How to post a review

To post a review, you have to head to this promotion site, search the hotel you wish to review and you are good to go. A basic review with a description of just 100 characters and a few clicks to complete some additional information is already enough to earn your miles.

Don't forget to click the Miles & More logo at the bottom of the page and to enter your Miles & More number before you submit your review

After submitting your review, you will have to click the confirmation link sent to your email adress for every review you wrote.

On some occasions, HolidayCheck will ask you to verify the review. You can simply reply to the mail you've got and insert a picture, screenshot or file of the reservation confirmation, bill or any other document that proves that you stayed at the property.

Expert advise

If you are travelling as a couple or duo, your partner can also submit a review for every hotel you visited. This way both of you will receive the maximum amount of miles.


This is a great way to earn some extra miles. If you always wait until the “double points promotion” is online, you can earn up to 4000 miles per year per person if you submit 20 review. This is a significant amount considering that it only takes you up to 2 minutes to review one hotel.

Link to HolidayCheck

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