Suspended: Miles and More Part 5 – Transfer your hotel points to Miles&More

Transfer of points to miles and more is temporarily suspended, we will announce any news in our site.

We will update our Miles-and-more tutorial series during next weeks.Today we will cover when you should transfer your hotel points to Miles&More.

How to earn points at hotels

In our Part 4 of our tutorial series: Miles with Hotel booking sites, we showed you how you can collect miles with Hotel bookings straight away. However sometimes the price on these sites is significantly higher than on the Hotel's Website. In that case we always recommend booking at the hotel chain directly instead trough a third-party to at least earn points at the hotel's loyalty scheme. However before you book you should head to the hotel's loyalty rewards website and sign up there. Via the account so created you can now book the hotel, earn points and even get discounts. Often Hotel chains run extra promotions where you will earn bonus points right away.

Available loyalty programs

Here you have a list of the major loyalty schemes of hotels with a link to sign up (It is always good to have an account with each of them in case you need it at a later time):

A full list of Miles&More's available partner hotels can be found here: List of Miles & More Hotel partners

When does it make sense to transfer your points to Miles&More

When having hotel points you usually will get more value when spending your points for free nights at the corresponding hotels. But often you will find yourself in a situation where you don't have enough points to make a redemption for a free night at a decent hotel, or your points will expire before you can use them. In that case it definitely makes more sense to just transfer your points to Miles&More, even if the ratio is poor. Occasionally loyalty programs offer you the possibility to earn miles directly instead of hotel points. If such a promotion is active and you would transfer your points anyway, it is always good to take advantage of such offers. Some loyalty programs also allow you to immediately transfer all the points you earn into miles, like for example Le Club Accor Hotels so it is easy to transfer your hotel points to Miles&More


Even if you cannot make a booking trough one of the site presented to you in our Part 4 of the tutorial series, it is nearly always possible to transfer your hotel points to Miles&More and collect at least some miles when you book a hotel at the major hotel chains.


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3 comments on “Suspended: Miles and More Part 5 – Transfer your hotel points to Miles&More

  1. Jere Brown

    It was reported that Miles and More suspended Hotel partner transfers as of 24 May 2019. Marriott Bonvoy points and IHG points no longer offer Lufthansa Miles and More as a transfer partner. Do have updated information that you can share? Thank you


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