Miles and More Part 6 – Earn some extra miles with shopping at selected partners or with car rentals

We will update our Miles-and-more tutorial series during next weeks. Today we will cover how you can earn miles while shopping or with car rentals at selected partners.

More partners exist where you can earn some extra miles

Miles&More teams up with a couple of other brands to allow you to collect, not many, but some little extra miles. From Duty free to in-flight shopping and car rentals a couple of opportunities are available.

Shopping partners

There are some possibilities to earn a miles while shopping for each € spent  at the following partners:

  • Each shops at Munich Airport
  • Heinemann Duty Free shops
  • Lufthansa Inflight Shopping
  • Lufthansa World Shops
  • The Biscester Village Shopping Collection
  • On

For more information about the corresponding shops, visit Miles&more here and here

Miles with car rentals

You can earn miles with nearly every major car rental company. The best way is to look on the Miles&More Website here to see all active promotions.

We recommend only booking there when you would book your rental car with one of the available company's anyway. In that case you will receive additional miles without paying extra money.

Even with other services like DAZN, it is possible to earn miles.

Earn 1500 miles at Miles & More + 2 months of live sports streaming for 9,99€


Even if you will not earn a whole bunch of miles, every possible mile counts in order to reach your redemption goal, especially if you will earn them without paying more and without a lot of effort so it is always good to look for opportunities to earn miles while shopping.

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