Coronavirus: Why we keep posting Airfare Deals…

We are of course aware that the Corona crisis is more than present at the moment.

Some airlines even risk going bankrupt, there are a few which are already in big financial trouble.

So why do we keep posting cheap business or first class airfares for now?

President Trump said that the US will back the airlines 100%, so the US Airlines should be safe. And we believe that the big airlines like Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, British Airways and so on will survive as well, in the case of need they will be backed up by the respective countries.

Early travel restrictions, aggressive testing and screening of contacts and strict quarantine rules have managed to contain the virus in Taiwan and Singapore. It helped to reduce or slow the infection rates in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Europe and North America are weeks or even months behind, and they are taking those measurements now as well. Maybe it is too late for the early travel restrictions, but nearly the complete European and North American air traffic is coming to a halt now.

We hope that after a few months the rest of the world will have the virus under “control” as well, and that things start to turn to “normal” again.

That's why we will keep posting airfare deals, but only those deals with flights that are available in the second half of the year or later. Other blogs like Travel-Dealz handle it the same way, and we think that's a good idea.

By visiting our blog we assume that you love to travel as much as we do, and we expect that a few extraordinary good deals will pop up as well, as the industry needs money.

We will probably not post as many deals as before, also because we'd like to inform you as well on travel news concerning the Coronavirus.

For that purpose we have created a new Category “Coronavirus“, where you can find the latest information about that topic.

We try to regroup information on bigger posts rather than posting a post for each and every update on flight situations, hotel chains changing their terms, and so on. Like this you have more of an overview of the current situation.


Stay at home and stay healthy!





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