Marriott Covid Restrictions List

Marriott introduced a new website to show you exactly what to expect in each of their hotels in terms of Marriott Covid restrictions.

What you can see on the new site

The new page can be found here.

For each hotel you will find information on the cleaning procedures, open restaurants and bars, amenities and even you current benefits when holding a status.

Basically you can see all Marriott Covid restrictions in one place.

Marriott Covid restrictions

How to find Marriott Covid restrictions for my hotel?

Unfortunately, they do not have an overview or search site to locate your hotel yet, but there is a simple trick.

The URL about Marriott Covid restrictions looks like this:

You can see in bold that there is a 5 letter code representing your hotel. You simply have to find out what that 5 letter code is for the hotel you are looking for.

This is very easy, just search and open the hotel's website you are looking for thourgh google or via the Marriott search. Then you will find the code in the URL.

For example the Munich Marriott hotel URL is:

Just replace lonpl by mucno in the whattoexpect URL and you can access the inforation you are looking for.

Bottom Line

Despite still relatively new and without a real search funtion, this new feature of Marriott is simply great as you can see all Marriott Covid restrictions applying for your hotel in one single page.

Let's hope other hotels will follow Marriott's lead…

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