Fly business class Germany – Asia 1239€. Air China Weekend SALE


Business class from Germany to Asia starting from 1239€ with Air China via Beijing. You can depart from Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or Munich to following cities:

  • Bangkok, Hongkong, Taipeh, Phuket, Seoul, Singapur, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Colombo, Manila, Hanoi for 1239€.
  • Peking、Shanghai、Wenzhou、Fuzhou、Hangzhou、Guangzhou、Xiamen、Chengdu、Shenzhen for 1787
  • Sydney、Melbourne、Brisbane for 3288

You best check the Weekend SALE webpage and search there for available dates.

Example from Frankfurt to Hongkong in December:



You have to fly from 17th July – 24th August or 14th – 31st December.

Ticket must be issued until 29th July.

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