How To Find Cheap Business Class Tickets

cheap business class tickets


How can I get cheap business or first class tickets?

Airlines publish cheap business class or first class tickets the whole year. To find them however is not so easy, as you can't look for fares 24 hours a day.

The good news is we do ;). By checking our site regularly, you will be updated each day about cheap business class or first class tickets.

We will send as well deal alerts for the best deals.

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When it comes to finding cheap business or first class tickets, many travel blogs or websites referred to our site already. Like GodSavethePoints, Viewfromthewing, Onemilieatatime, AirTravelGenius, LuxuryTravelDiva, ReadyJetRoam and more…

If you like to fly business class, but you don't want to spend thousands of Euros/Dollars, then this is the right page for you.

You may book via our links direct with the airline itself or an with an online travel agency (OTA), like Expedia, Skyscanner, Cheapoair

There is no gimmick or a trick and the best of it, our service is free to use.


Where can I find cheap business class fares?

The answer is simple, here on

Simply by checking our site each day, as some deals are only valid for a few days or even only for a few hours.

There are times when airlines will have special fares, we publish these fares for Business and First class flights.

So don't forget to check regularly to not miss a good deal, and subscribe to our newsletter or download our app.


An important point to think about.

Business and first class fares vary significantly depending on which country or city the itinerary originates. You can use this to your advantage and get some excellent airfare deals simply when you fly from another city or even country.

As an example, a ticket from Paris to South America in FIRST class could cost you 2600€, with Lufthansa via Frankfurt. If you started from Frankfurt instead from Paris, you would pay over 4000€ for that ticket. You would even sit on the same plane and even in the same seat on the leg from Frankfurt to South America!!

In such a case it makes sense to start your trip in Paris and save a lot of money ;).

Always think about that before booking a fare, if the destination is the one you are looking for, and the price is cheap, it makes often sense to buy a separate ticket to the place where the cheap flight originates.


Upgrade or book your flight with miles

We post as well a lot about miles and points on our site. This isn't done by coincidence. If you know how to play the points and miles game you can get cheap business or first class tickets. Read our tutorials, all about AVIOS, all about MILES AND MORE.

You may book your business or first class flight with miles. Of course there must be open First Class and Business Class seats. Airlines will let you as well upgrade with miles if free seats are available. Some airlines restrict upgrades to certain fare classes of tickets.


Upgrade with cash

The last option is at the airport itself, when booked in a lower class you can always ask for a cash upgrade at the counter. Sometimes you can get a good deal, but usually it is cheaper to book a cheap business class ticket in advance. Another disadvantage is that you cannot plan to get a seat, as you will not know if upgrades are available.


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