Miles and More Tutorial: Part 3 – Earn miles with Hotel booking sites and more

In this article, we'll discuss how to earn miles through hotel bookings with sites that offer miles for each reservation made. Get ready to learn how to boost your miles-and-more balance while booking your next hotel stay!

Websites that provide bonus points for hotel bookings made through their platforms.

These two websites offer miles for the miles-and-more program for each reservation made. Typically, the number of miles earned is proportionate to the price of the hotel stay, and you will receive a minimum of 1000 points for your initial booking. However, it's important to keep in mind that booking through these sites does not qualify for stays or points with the hotel chain's loyalty program.

Should you always book hotels via those websites?

It is recommended to consider those booking sites if you have fewer than 5 stays per year at your preferred hotel chain. In such cases, the points earned through the hotel's loyalty program may not be enough for redemption, and it may be better to book elsewhere if the price is right. However, keep in mind that the nightly rates on these sites are typically slightly higher than booking through regular channels. It's advisable to book on these sites only when the price per 100 miles earned is not more than 1€.

Before anything else, check the hotel price through regular channels. Next, compare the prices and bonus miles offered by each of the sites mentioned here to determine the best ratio of additional payment to earned miles. After completing your stay, the miles will be credited to your account.

Booking with Miles-and-More Hotels

With Miles & More hotels, the procedure is pretty straight forward. You search for your hotel, make your booking and enter your Miles-and-More number, you don't need to register anywhere.

Booking with Rocketmiles

Miles-and-More is not a partner of Rocketmiles . But a workaround exists for Rocketmiles. With Heathrow rewards, you can convert your points 1:1 to the Miles-and-More program. First, you have to create your account here.

To transfer your miles, simply log in to your account, click on “My Rewards” on the left-hand side, then select “Travel Partners” and choose Miles-and-More. Keep in mind that the minimum amount to transfer is 250 points.

Before booking a hotel on Rocketmiles, you must create an account!

When making a booking on Rocketmiles, make sure to choose the Heathrow Rewards bonus option to earn additional miles. Keep in mind that the rates are typically prepaid.

More partners exist to earn some extra miles

Miles-and-More has partnered with a few brands to offer you the chance to collect extra miles, although the opportunities are limited. From duty-free shopping and in-flight purchases to car rentals, there are a few options available.

Shopping partners

There are some possibilities to earn a miles while shopping for each € spent at the following partners:

  • Each shops at Munich Airport
  • Heinemann Duty Free shops
  • Lufthansa Inflight Shopping
  • Lufthansa World Shops
  • The Biscester Village Shopping Collection
  • On

For more information about the corresponding shops, visit Miles-and-More here and here

Earn Miles with car rentals

You can earn miles with most major car rental companies through Miles-and-More. It's best to check the Miles-and-More website for current promotions before booking. We suggest only booking through Miles-and-More when you were planning to rent a car from one of the participating companies anyway, to earn extra miles without any additional cost.



Other possibilities like subscriptions to magazines exist as well.

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    • luxtravel Post author

      unfortunately you can always just credit the extra miles to one person.
      A workaround would be to split your booking. If you book 2 nights for example, you could book one night on one name and the other night on the other name as a separate booking.


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