Miles-and-More Tutorial: Part 1 – Introduction and Credit Cards

Looking to learn about the Miles & More program?

You came to the right place, in this tutorial we will show you everything you need to know about the Miles-and-More loyalty program.

Introduction to Miles-and-More

Starting 2024, this is no longer accurate, check out the following post:

All About Lufthansa Miles-and-More Changes 2024

Status Miles and Award Miles

The Miles-and-More program has two different miles, status miles and award miles.

Use award miles to book flights or upgrade your current seat. Status miles, also known as Tier Points, help you achieve elite status with the airline and unlock exclusive travel benefits like lounge access, free checked bags, and higher award mileage earning rates on paid flights. Collect award and status miles simultaneously on each flight to maximize your earning potential.

Miles-and-More program enables you to use your miles for award flights on Miles-and-More airlines, as well as on Lufthansa’s partner airlines and other Star Alliance partners.

To earn Miles-and-More award miles, fly with the airline or use a credit card. Earn miles quickly with a generous credit card welcome bonus and through everyday spending. Collect award miles per mile flown or per Euro charged on your credit card. Your miles will never expire as long as you keep your account active within the last 36 months. If you have a Miles-and-More credit card, your miles will never expire.

Status miles reset each calendar year, meaning you must earn them anew to maintain your status level. Miles & More recognizes two types of status miles: standard status miles and HON Circle miles. HON Circle miles accumulate over a two-year period.

The different status levels within the Miles-and-More program

Miles & More offers several status levels, including automatic Miles & More membership upon registration, Frequent Traveller status earned after collecting 35,000 status miles within a calendar year, Senator status earned after collecting 100,000 status miles within a calendar year, and HON Circle membership earned after collecting 600,000 status miles within two consecutive calendar years. Learn more about Miles & More status levels and how to earn them in this guide.


Which credit card should you use?

In our opinion, there’s only one answer, the American Express Miles-and-More card.

Many countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium or Luxembourg offer a Miles-and-More credit cards by American Express. By subscribing to the card via a referral link, you will get bonus miles as a welcome gift. Depending on the country, you will get for each Euro spent 1.5-2 miles, and your miles will never expire.

Using a credit card is the easiest way to collect miles, as you will earn miles for your daily expenses, without any effort from your side.

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