Newsletter subscription & “Deal Alerts” (update)

We have made some changes to our newsletter.

Until now it was only possible to subscribe to one single newsletter to recieve a weekly update of our latets deals, as well as deal alerts for extra low fares for flights departing from Europe or North America.

Here is what we have changed:

We have split our newsletter. You can now subscribe for weekly updates and deal alerts either originating out of Europe only, or originating out of North America only.

If you still want to receive deal alerts from Europe and North America, you may simply subscribe to both newsletters we offer.

  • If you are already subscribed to our existing newsletter and you still want to recieve deal alerts from Europe, you don't need to change anything as our current newsletter will now serve as newsletter dedicated to those fares.
  • If you are already subscribed to our Newsletter but do not want to recieve deal alerts from Europe anymore, but only those originating out of North America, you can simply unsbscribe from the Europe newsletter HERE and subscribe to our new North America newsletter below.


To signup to our newsletter for weekly updates and



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