Poll: Are you interested in a Premium Membership? (Customized deal search)

Just to make it clear right away, our website is free and will always remain free. 😉

Why Premium Membership?

We thought about offering you more benefits in addition to finding cheap business or first class deals on our site.

This will create more work for us, so we can’t offer this service for free to everyone.

Let us explain our idea. You can vote on it, and based on your interest, we’ll decide whether to introduce a premium membership or not.


We plan to offer two different premium membership levels.

Silver membership

The first one would be the Silver membership, which would cost only €1 a month (billed annually at €12).


  • No ads when you are logged in.

Non-members will need to disable ad blockers or add our site to the whitelist to continue using our page.

  • Access to a search engine for Business or First Class deals.

The search engine will not be available to non-members.


Gold membership

The second option, which we believe is more appealing, would be the Gold membership.

This one requires more effort on our part. The price would be between €8 and €12 per month (billed annually at €96 to €144).


  • All benefits of Silver membership
  • Customized deal search: We’ll search for deals tailored to your preferences throughout the year.

You tell us where you want to fly in Business or First class, along with details like travel dates, your budget (realistic, of course), maximum number of stops, and whether it should be one ticket or could be as well on two (with a feeder flight).

Once we find a deal, we’ll email you all the necessary information with booking links.

You can request two customized deal searches per year.

Your membership would be valid for a year.

But, we also want to make it clear that depending on your deal preferences, we might not be able to find a suitable deal.

For instance, if you’re looking for a Business Class flight from London to Bangkok without a feeder flight, for under £1000 Round Trip on a specific date, it’s unlikely we’ll find that deal.

However, if you’re open to a Business Class flight from London to Bangkok with a feeder flight, let’s say in July or August, for around £1800 Round Trip, there’s a good chance we can email you that deal.

If we can’t find a deal, you will get a second chance. For example, your membership starts in June and you ask us to find a deal for August that we are unable to find by then, you can ask us to search for the same deal on a different date. This still counts as one customized deal search, not two.

The maximum time in advance we can search for deals is up to one year.


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Vote ends 06.06.2024

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  • Paul

    The Silver search facility would be worth paying for.

    I dont understand the value added difference between Silver and Gold – as described it sounds like Gold is basically the Silver search with a few extra filters that is scheduled to run on a regular basis, presumably every time the DB is updated. But the comment above implies there is some manual effort involved, hence the need to limit to 2 searches per annum. If there is manual effort involved then the pricing seems reasonable, but I am not clear what the effort would be.

    • premiumflights

      I guess you didn’t understand what we meant ;).

      You tell us where you want to fly, from where and on which date. And WE look to find that deal for you (not only once, but regularly).

      We post deals on our page every day, but we can’t post all existing deals.

      For example, you want to fly from Amsterdam to Singapore 5th August to 20th August, maximum price 1850€. We look to find that deal for you, it might be that you have to fly from Amsterdam to Milan first with a feeder flight for around 150€e and then in Business Class from Milan to Singapore for 1700€. If we find that, we will email you the booking links.

      At the same time it might be possible that we find that same deal from Milan to Singapore for 1700€, but only a handful of dates in August are available for that price. In that case we will never post that deal, as we do not post deals where only a handful of dates are available, unless the price is super hot, like 1200€ for the Round Trip Milan-Singapore.

      BTW, the search function is available at the moment, look on the upper right ;).

  • German Expat

    The Gold option could be interesting but relatively pricy for 2 searches per year. Also some questions:
    a) do you allow more then 1 passenger on the search?
    b) can I specify the alliance or airline?

    • premiumflights

      a) yes, as many passengers as you want
      b) yes, you can specify the alliance/airline, but chances of finding a deal will be lower.

      You say pricey, ok that’s your opinion. 2 searches a year doesn’t mean that we look only twice a year, that will be a lot of minutes or even hours of work. And if we find 2 deals, you will save more than those €96 to €144€ that you paid for the Gold membership. But everyone needs to decide for himself whether it’s worth or not.

    • L. Green

      I like the gold option with search assistance. I also understand the need to add some limits given the time searching can entail. But please consider a modification to perhaps up to two secured trips vs two searches or some similar modification. Another option could be one free search and subsequent searches at a set fee 25-30 euros. This would offer value yet minimize frivolous search requests.

      Thanks for the service and the commitment to making your offering even better!

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