PriestmanGoode Post Pandemic Cabin Concept

PriestmanGoode shows off their vision for a new cabin called “Pure Skies”, could this be the answer to the future of flights?

The cabin concept is based on the principle that health and hygiene will continue to be a major concern for passengers in the future.

Therefore, PriestmanGoode's design foresees gesture controlled IFE screens and separation for social distancing, that without forfeiting cabin density. The cabin provides as well easy-to-clean and antimicrobial surfaces.

We’ve looked ahead to imagine future scenarios and taken into account new passenger behaviors driven by the global pandemic to ensure our designs can be implemented within a few years and will meet user and airline requirements for many years ahead”, said director Nigel Goode.


The design concept covers two different cabin classes, economy class and business class.

Business Class

The business class configuration is called “Pure Skies Rooms”. Each seat is fully enclosed with a floor to ceiling curtain separating the passenger from the rest of the cabin. Every passenger gets personal overhead storage and a personal wardrobe.

Photo: PriestmanGoode

Photo: PriestmanGoode

Photo: PriestmanGoode

The Pure Skies Room features a brand-new seat design with minimal split lines and seam-welded fabrics to eliminate dirt traps.

Photo: PriestmanGoode

Photo: PriestmanGoode

Seat fabrics include photochromic and thermochromic inks that react to new cleaning methods like UVC and heat cleaning, and display a message of reassurance to passengers while boarding


Economy Class

The economy class configuration is called “Pure Skies Zones” and can feature a staggered layout for separation and Plexiglas screens installed at every other row.

Photo: PriestmanGoode

Each Pure Skies Zone seat features a fold down table with wireless charging and integrated UVC cleaning, a backlit safety card integrated with the back shell that shows relevant information when required and a device holder that can hold multiple personal or airline devices to be attached.

Photo: PriestmanGoode

Seat backs with no gaps eliminating dirt traps.


Bottom Line

Could this really be the post-pandemic cabin concept? We would love to see a similar cabin layout, as we are fans of privacy. Even in economy you would have some privacy with this concept.

But now with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we doubt that airlines have enough cash to be able to afford a redesign of their cabins, especially in such a fancy way.



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