Qatar Airways Sale Page 2020


Qatar Airways has with their Qsuite business class cabin probably the best product on the market and therefore it is very popular.

With this page we'll give you a global overview on the Qatar Airways Sale in 2020.

All Qatar Airways Qsuite routes with flight numbers can be found here.

We try to update this page regularly when changes on the listed deals occur, as those deals are often only available for a short time before they disappear again.

Below you can find Qatar Airways Sales in BUSINESS CLASS, departing from Europe and as well from North America, sorted alphabetically by the departure city.



Amsterdam to Bali 1480€

Amsterdam to South Africa 1370€

Brussels to Hong Kong 1299€

Brussels to Johannesburg 1540€

Helsinki to Bangkok 1560€

Helsinki to Doha 1050€

Madrid to Shanghai 1295€

Milan to Maldives 1670€

Milan to Melbourne 2030€

Milan to New Delhi 1350€

Oslo to East Asia 1430€

Oslo to Johannesburg 1380€

Paris to Hong Kong 1550€

Paris to the Maldives 1795€

Paris to Phuket 1730€

Prague to Goa 1310€

Stockholm to Asia 1475€

Spain to Johannesburg 1570€

Vienna to East Asia 1515€


EX North America:

Los Angeles to South East Asia $2750

Montreal to Johannesburg USD2490

Montreal to Manila  USD2495


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11 comments on “Qatar Airways Sale Page 2020

  1. premiumflights Post author

    There is one to Auckland, I will post it soon :). However it’s not super cheap, but still a very good fare.

    • premiumflights Post author

      EDIT: The one to Auckland didn’t work, was an error on google flights… 🙁

      • Aman

        That’s unfortunate. Was hoping for a good SYD deal ex-Europe. But I guess I will go for SQ, which is currently at ~2300€

        • Davidrs

          Where’s that available from? Looking for syd or bne over Christmas period ideally around 2k GBP. That pricing sounds about ok.

          • premiumflights Post author

            What do you mean by where’s that available from? Click on the link and you will see all possibilities 😉

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