Tips and Tricks for Cheap Business Class Tickets

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Tips and Tricks for cheap Business Class Tickets

1. Airlines regularly offer Business Class sales.

Business class sale

With regularly, we don't mean that on a certain date airlines publish a sale, such as a summer or a winter sale.

Many people ask when these sales are. The answer is that different airlines offer sales on different routes throughout the whole year, but there's no way to predict on what date they do that.

These sale fares are actually the deals we are posting here on Premium-Flights. We check on a daily basis to find those fares, and we post them here for you.

These “sale fares” have an expiration date as well. This date can be found in our posts under Fare Rules – Sales restrictions. Sometimes this expiration date will be extended when an airline wants to sell a few more tickets :). But it can also happen that they pull back the fare before the date shown in the sales restrictions.

From time to time, airlines also offer flash sales. Flash sales are often available for 24hours only, or even less, and ticket prices are extra low.


2. Be flexible, maybe the most important tip.

Business and first class fares vary significantly depending on the date you travel and in which country or city the itinerary originates.

Instead of departing on a Friday, you could depart on a Saturday. By changing the date to a single day, the ticket price could suddenly drop by 500 €/$/£.

Tickets may as well become much cheaper if you choose the right airport to depart from. It might be possible that you will find a business class ticket for half the price from a different airport than your home airport. That sounds like a lot of money, but this really occurs very often.

In such a case, it would perfectly make sense to depart from that airport, even if you have to drive 2 or 3 hours by car to reach that airport. You could as well buy a cheap economy class ticket from your home airport to the airport that offers the cheap business class flight.

Sometimes it makes even sense to depart from an airport in another country and buy a separate cheap ticket to that airport.

You can use our search function to find your desired destination, and it will show you all fares available from different airports.


3. Some routes are often cheap in Business Class.

There are some flight routes on which you may often find cheap business class tickets, even for transatlantic flights.

Business class tickets are usually more expensive than an economy ticket, but after adding all the benefits you get in business class, the difference in price isn't always that big as it appears on the first sight.

new york in business class

TAP for example is quite often selling cheap business class flights from European cities to New York.


4. Book in advance.

With most airlines, you can book flight tickets up to 1 year in advance. If you plan to visit a destination next year, you should already start looking for cheap fares.

It might be possible that an airline has started a sale right now and selling cheap business class tickets to your desired destination and maybe even from your home airport with the exact date you are looking for.

If that's the case, we suggest not to wait any longer. We've made that experience already by ourselves. We saw a good price, and we thought that the fare would surely come back or would even become cheaper over the next months, but finally it didn't.

At the end, we paid much more than necessary.


5. Upgrade or book your flight with miles.

Some people still believe that what you're wearing at check-in increase your chances for an upgrade, dress to impress won't work.

What gets you an upgrade are miles/points. You should always collect miles for every single flight or credit card purchase you make.

If you know how to use your points and miles, you can book cheap business or even first class flights.

However, this takes time. Don't expect to fly from Europe to Hawaii in business class when you haven't started collecting miles or points yet.