LoungeBuddy, buy your lounge access and find information about lounges worldwide – UPDATE

With LoungeBuddy you may purchase lounge access worldwide starting at 25$.

UPDATE: Android App no longer available, therefore they come with a website.


LoungeBuddy shows you all lounges that exists on most of the airports around the world, with all information to that lounge available. Furthermore, you can buy access to third-party lounges directly via the LoungeBuddy homepage, and you can read reviews of other travelers or rate a lounge yourself.

View available lounges at an airport

By using the search mask on top of the page or the mask in the middle, you can quickly search for an airport.

Click “Show all lounges on the left” to see all the lounges available at that airport, sorted first by lounges where you can buy yourself access to with loungebuddy followed by lounges which you can access with some kind of subscription like Priority Pass, or with your airline status.

Buy lounge access

The page allows you to buy lounge access to numerous third-party lounges starting at 25$. Simply select one of the lounges and click “make a reservation” on the following page. The amount of lounges available makes loungebuddy pretty interesting.

Most of your reservations are free to cancel up top 24h before your reservation.

Lounge information

Click on any lounge to view access information, opening hours, photos of the lounge and available amenities. Maybe the most interesting part is that you can read reviews of all the lounges and view some photos, this will help you decide which lounge to use.

Mobile App

For the time being, LoungeBuddy only offers an Apple app which you can download in the app store. Within the app you have even more possibilities like entering your subscriptions and statuses to immediately see for each airport which lounge is accessible for you for free.


Loungebuddy is a very helpful as it will show you not only every possible information of most of the lounges around the world, but also shows you reviews of fellow travellers.

Check out Loungebuddy HERE, for the moment there's only an app for Apple users, for Android users just use your mobile browser.


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