Tutorial: myVEGAS Part 1 – Save money in Las Vegas with myVEGAS

Save a lot of money with the myVEGAS apps.

We will provide you with an introduction and show you how to get started earning loyalty points with myVEGAS


myVEGAS is a bunch of apps and games that allow you to earn loyalty points, which can later on redeemed for all kinds of stuff (drinks, show tickets, money to play, free nights at hotels) in Las Vegas. Even some Casinos elsewhere in the world are now part of this program, like the Hippodrome casino in London. You can gather a significant amount of loyalty points by only 5 minutes of your time a day.

Creating an account at myVEGAS

First, you have to register your account via Facebook. You simply need to start the game “myVEGAS game”  on Facebook in a browser for the first time. After that, all other apps will use your Facebook account to log in and gather all relevant information on your loyalty points.

All games are based on the same principle. You play games with play money, you will get loyalty points (golden coins) which you can later on be redeemed in real life.

In the Facebook game, you have to use a desktop computer. You can play all kinds of different slot machines here. You may as well download different myVegas games as app for your mobile.

Game in Facebook

Download the myVEGAS mobile apps

On Google PlayStore enter myVEGAS as search query and download your desired mobile apps, if you download more apps you will earn loyalty points faster.

With myVEGAS Slots, POP! Slots and my KONAMI Slots, you can play slot machines and you receive daily coins to play, allowing you to earn loyalty points (golden points).

Slot on the mobile apps

Daily play money gift

With the myVEGAS Blackjack app, you can play Blackjack to earn loyalty points.

Blackjack mobile app

How to get your loyalty points fast

In order to minimize the time you need to collect your loyalty points, you can simply log in each day in all the apps once and play with the maximum bet size. This should not take you more than 5 minutes a day. If you are willing to invest more time, you can reduce your bet sizes and log in several times a day to get some extra play money.


If you are planning a trip to Vegas, this is a great way to cut your costs by investing only 5 minutes of your time a day. With only 5,000 points you will already get a free drink.

How to redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

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