Tutorial: myVEGAS Part 2 – How to best redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

On this Monday we will provide you with the next part on how you can save a lot of money when you plan to stay in Las Vegas with the myVEGAS apps.

Today we will show you how you can redeem your loyalty points to receive the best value with myVEGAS

How to best redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

Mlife Rewards

For most redemptions you need an Mlife Rewards account. Therefore, head to the Mlife homepage and create your account online. You will receive an account number and you can also grab your physical card at one of the participating hotels at their Mlife desks.

Redemption process

For most redemptions, you will need to enter you Mlife account and email address,  you will receive a voucher per mail and need to print out that voucher and show it at the place you want to redeem your reward. Detailed information will be provided in the email you will receive.

Redeem your points for free drinks or meals

Literally hundreds of options are available to score some free drinks, meals or 2-1 vouchers at all participating hotels. For example a free Corona at the MGM is already available for 5000 loyalty points or a 25$ dining voucher at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant (you have to purchase at least 2 entrees) is available for 10000 loyalty points. Lunch buffets are available from 34000 loyalty points if you have at least a one night stay at that hotel.

How to best redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

Example of food

How to best redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

Example of Drinks

Redeem your points for shows, for example Cirque du Soleil

You can redeem around 30000 loyalty points to receive a complimentary ticket for a Cirque du Soleil shows or an entrance to the shark reef at the Mandalay Bay. You could also redeem your points for a 2-1 voucher for premium seats at some Cirque du Soleil shows.

How to best redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

Show rewards

Redeem your points for free nights in Las Vegas

If you happen to play the games a lot and accumulate more than 70000 loyalty points, you could even redeem them for free nights in Las Vegas. Just keep in mind that the available dates are limited. You can check the calendar with available dates in the terms & conditions of the rewards.

How to best redeem your myVEGAS loyalty points

Redeem your points for free hotel nights

Reward availability

Often some rewards are sold out when you are trying to redeem your points. Don't worry, availability changes from day-to-day, just come back checking for your desired reward for a couple of days in a row to find more availabilities.


Redeeming your loyalty points can save you a lot of money. Especially if you plan to redeem high ranked redemptions like shows or hotel rooms. But also some free drinks or meals are a nice to have, so don't forget to play the games once a day to save money on your next Las Vegas trip. Stick to meals, drinks, shows and free nights and try to avoid redeeming your loyalty points for cash vouchers at other partners than the casinos, as you can often score a better deal on the numerous deal sites available out there without using your loyalty points.

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