Why We DO NOT Advertise Every Credit Card

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You might have noticed that some blogs promote “very good credit cards”, literally on a weekly basis, you should take advantage of.

Here's an explanation why we go down a different road in advertising every credit cards than a lot of other websites/blogs do.


Are those credit cards really that good?

That's the first question you should always ask yourself before applying for a credit card. It makes no sense to opt for the credit card just because you get a small bonus and you would never use it in the future. Unless the credit card would be for free and you would get a free bonus, but that will probably never be the case.


Credit cards offering a bonus or status

Don't get us wrong, some credit cards represent a very good value especially if they offer a great welcome bonus without the need of a huge annual fee (for example some Amex or Chase cards). Other credit cards offer a Hotel status, sometimes for a very low cost which can definitely make sense to use if you spent your night there from time to time.

But even those only make sense depending on your travel patterns. There is no advantage in being able to redeem your earned bonus for a first class flight within Asia when you never actually would travel to Asia otherwise.

If you do not take advantage of all possibilities linked to a specific credit card, other ways to acquire bonus miles or buying a lounge access pass might be of a greater value for you.

If you are living in a household, cards like the American Express Platinum will give you a good value as your partner can also benefit from all the offers.


Free Credit Cards

Especially free credit cards not offering any kind of bonus or just offering a voucher for something completely different, are often simply bait to get you into diverse money traps like:

  • High mandatory interests due to rate payment of expenses
  • High costs if you forget to cancel your membership after one year.
  • Advertising for insurances at shadow firms which are included anyway in most of all “normal” other cards
  • Advertising that you do not pay foreign exchange fees on transactions (Everything else would be a scam anyway)

The list probably does not end here.


Why are they consistently advertised?

The reason why some blogs or websites are still advertising those cards so regularly, especially the free cards, is that they generate a very high commission if someone subscribes via their link.

Even for a free credit card the affiliate bonus can be important. This alone shows you that credit card companies are making tons of profit with an average customer, and that should be a warning sign for you.


Our philosophy

We from premium-flights do not go down that road. We try to promote only those credit cards where you can make a “good deal”, and we are not trying to bait you into any kind of money traps. Our blog is a hobby, and we all have day jobs, so we are not obliged in generating more and more money.

However, if there are decent deals available, should it be a credit card or something else, we will promote them as well, but only if they represent a good value for our readers.

Furthermore, we try to be fully transparent also with the negative aspects.

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