Access Airport Lounges Worldwide for 10USD


UPDATE: As there were many questions by our readers, here the step-by-step instructions.

RedbyDufry is currently offering free Platinum Status, which comes with access to discounted Dragon Pass lounge access vouchers at selected airports. (for example Heathrow, Helsinki, Zurich,…)

REDbyDufry is a loyalty program for airport stores around the world. Usually you need 5000 loyalty points to reach their Platinum Status which comes with sort of complimentary Dragon Pass.



Register here, do not sign up with Facebook, Linkedin or Google, as this leads sometimes to problems.


Enter your details and PromotionCode



You will get upgraded to Platinum Status immediately.

With our referral link below, you will each receive 100 points on top.


Register Here!



Do not create an account with DragonPass by yourself.

When upgraded to Platinum, you can select an airport to see your advantages.

On your RedbyDufry app, when logged in choose your store, UK then LHR for example and select a lounge under the button “enjoy”, then click “I want it“.

RedbyDufry will create now an account for you with Dragonpass.

You will get a Membership number and Password send by Email.


Sometimes you will get an error message, just try again or check your email if your account hasn't been created.



Download the Dragonpass app.

Enter your Username and Password that you got via Email, and you will see that you are now a Dragonpass member.

Dragon Pass iOS Version
Dragon Pass Android Version


Step 4:

If you want to buy a lounge access now, choose the desired lounge on your DragonPass app, then click on “Member access” and then on “+ Add Visit(s)”.

Now you can buy lounge access for 10 USD, with participating lounges.



On top of that you can earn Avios (if you link your RedbyDufry account to Iberia) on purchases and get discounts on duty-free stores.


7 comments on “Access Airport Lounges Worldwide for 10USD

    • premiumflights

      Hello, this was posted in January, at that time you’ve got platinum status with HAPPYBIRTHDAY2020. I guess every birthday is over once 😉

  1. stiepel

    the Platinum status is limited for 30 days only, right?
    So it is useless for me when I want to travel end of February, right?

    • premiumflights

      My DragonPass membership is valid 1 Year, that’s what the app says at least, we will see..

      You don’t need a Platinum status with RedbyDufry to enter a lounge.

  2. premiumflights

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.
    You don’t need one of the 2 apps if you do the process via the browser on your phone,

    It is easier via the app. With the app “RED by Dufry” you can check what lounges are available.
    If you want to buy a lounge access via that app, you will be asked to purchase that access via the “Dragon Pass” app, which you will need in that case.

    I hope that helps 🙂

    Dragon Pass iOS Version
    Dragon Pass Android Version

  3. Jan

    Hi, I registered with the promo code but don´t see where and how to download the Dragon Pass. Can you please navigate me? Thank you. Jan

    • luxtravel Post author

      hy, you do not have to download any other app or register for a pass. If you entered the promo code and became platinum, select your airport in the app and under my benefits you can buy lounge access if available (try heathrow or helsinki for example)


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