American Express: 300€ for Free in selected Restaurants

American Express Platinum holder in Luxembourg or Belgium will get now a 300€ reimbursed per year in a selection of restaurants.

Spoil yourself with €300 per year, reimbursed from an international selection of more than 1,400 restaurants ranked among the best.

You have €150 reimbursement in Belgium and Luxembourg and an additional €150 reimbursement abroad. You can enjoy it in more than 1,400 restaurants in 20 countries

A list of all participating restaurants can be found here.

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to register here once.

American Express Platinum

If you haven't an American Express Platinum card yet, it's not too late to take advantage of this offer. You can still apply for an American Express Platinum card now, and if you use our link below. For the moment, American Express increased the welcome bonus for the Platinum card for a short time to 60000. This is the highest bonus ever (If you live in Luxembourg or Belgium)

We will send you the corresponding link to your Email address. (Hotmail users should check their spam/junk folder, as our readers reported that our mail could end up there.)

    (for information: it can take some minutes or sometimes even hours until you will receive an email with your link)

    Why the American Express Platinum card is the best travel credit card.

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      • premiumflights Post author

        That’s even better. However, we, and probably most people, would prefer that American Express would have the same offers in every country in Europe.


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