British Airways Boeing 747 Will Never Fly Again

British Airways made it official to the crew that the queen of the skies, the Boeing 747, will leave the fleet with immediate effect.

British Airways has operated the B747 since 1971. All of BA’s B747 aircraft have been grounded for the moment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airline intended to retire the B747 fleet by 2024. BA has now chosen to suspend the commercial operation of the B747, as international traffic is not expected to recover until to pre-pandemic levels to 2023.

ba 747 retire

An email sent out to the airline’s staff said: “With much regret, we are proposing, subject to consultation, the immediate retirement of our Queen of the Skies, the 747-400. The proposal to retire the entire fleet of these iconic aircraft is nothing short of heartbreaking for those of us that grew up watching them fly all over the world…”



The 747 was great aircraft the upper deck felt a bit like a private jet, and it was one of our favorite ways to fly in business class with European carriers.

You can read our last flight review with BA's 747 on the upper deck here.

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