Brussels to Worldwide Destinations Biz class 1215€ / First 2205€


With SWISS or Lufthansa. 

This is a companion fare, meaning that at least two persons need to buy a ticket to get those cheap business or first class tickets.

How to book

The easiest way to book is via the Lufthansa promo page, it offers the best overview.

(prices displayed here are for one passenger)

Some available destinations in business class:

  • Hong Kong       1215€
  • Johannesburg 1225€
  • Seoul                 1280€
  • Windhoek        1355€
  • Nairobi             1370€
  • Bangalore        1400€
  • Rio de Janeiro  1505€
  • São Paulo         1559€
  • Boston              1850€

More destinations available…


Some available destinations in First class:

  • Johannesburg    2205€
  • Nairobi                2600€
  • Cape Town         2690€
  • Bogotá                2810€
  • New York           3250€

More destinations available…

Travel Dates

For flights in July and August

Fare Rules

Book until June 07.

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