Business class London to North America £506 + 48000 Avios


Nonstop with British Airways.

BA is selling cheap Premium Economy tickets from London to North America at the moment.

These fares can be upgraded easily with your Avios, availability is better than usual as planes are emptier than usual.

Prices to North America in Premium Economy start already at £506 for the nonstop flight to New York. If you fly during the off-peak season, the upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class will cost you 48.000 Avios (to New York) for the round trip.

Many other destinations in the USA like San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Toronto and others are currently on sale.

A list with destinations and prices can be found on our Premium Economy Flights page here.



The Avios on- and off-peak calendar for 2021 can be found here.

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