Coronavirus: Airlines who announced flight suspensions on entire network (Update)

Due to the Coronavirus airlines announced flight suspensions, some for international flights and others even for the entire network, until the situation with will improve.

More and more airlines are announcing coronavirus flight suspensions on big parts of their routes.  It seems that a trend develops, mainly for smaller airlines, to cut flights completely. It might be more cost effective to stop all flights on the entire network for a given time period, and allow rebooking instead of flying literally empty all the time.


Complete suspension of all flights

Below you will find a list of airlines that suspended operations for a limited time due to the coronavirus on their entire route:

  • AirBaltic,            17th March – 14th April. Read more.
  • Air Asia,    until 19th April. Read more.
  • Air Dolomiti,          until 19th April. Read more.
  • Air India, until further notice. Read more.
  • Air Malta, 20th March until further notice. Read more.
  • Air Mauritius         28th March – 30th April. Read more.
  • Air Serbia,            until further notice. Read more.
  • Air Tahiti Nui, 28th March – 28th April. Read more.
  • Austrian Airlines, 18th March – 28th March. Read more.
  • Avianca, until end of April. Read more.
  • Brussel Airlines, 21th March – 19th April. Read more
  • Cebu Pacific, ubtil 14th April. Read more.
  • CSA Czech Airlines,  16th March – 11th April. Read more
  • Copa Airlines, 22th March – 21st April.
  • Easyjet, 24th March until further notice. Read more.
  • El Al, 27th March- 4th April. Read moreRead more.
  • Egyptair, from 19h April
  • Emirates, 25th March until further notice.
  • Etihad, 25th March until further notice. Read more.
  • Finnair, From 1sr April, 90% cut of routes. Read more
  • Kuwait Airways, until further notice. Read more.
  • La Compagnie, 18th March – 12th April. Read more.
  • Laudamotion      17th March – 31th March. (Only for short haul routes with limited services.) Read more.
  • Luxair, 24th March – 19th April. Read more.
  • Philippine Airlines, until 13th April. Read more.
  • Qatar Airways, 18th March – 1st April (with exception of cargo flights)
  • Royal Jordanian, 17th March – 31th March. Read more.
  • Scandinavian Airlines, from 16th March. Read more
  • South African Airways, until 31st May. Read more.
  • Transavia, 23th March – 5th April. Read more.
  • Ukraine International,  until 3rd April. Read more.


Suspension of all international flights

Here's a complete list of airlines that announced coronavirus flight suspensions for all of their international routes for a limited time:

  • Air India, 17th March until further notice flights to Europe
  • Avianca, 23th March until end of April.
  • LOT,  15th March – 25th March. Read more.
  • Royal Air Marroco, 15th March until further notice. Read more.
  • Ryanair, limited number of flights until 4th April.
  • Saudia, 15th March – 29th March. Read more.
  • Swiss, until 19th April only Newark.
  • Ukraine International, March 17 through March 31, 2020.
  • Virgin Australia
  • WestJet, from 22 March.


Suspensions on big parts of their routes

Basically all airlines announced to suspend flights due to the coronavirus, mainly to Asia and Europe.

All American carriers announced that they will stop flying to mainland Europe including the UK starting from the 19th of March for a longer period of time. The European airlines will probably follow withing the next couple of days as the demand will increase.

Coronavirus flight suspensions mainly affect areas of high risk, like Italy for example. Flights here have nearly come to a complete stop. It is hard to tell how all these flight restrictions and suspensions will affect the airlines. It is possible that some will not survive these massive cuts into their operations, mainly all those airlines not owned or at least supported by their local governments.


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