Covid-19: Flight rights adjustments and clarification by the EU

The EU recently published some adjustments and clarification considering the flight rights in coronavirus times to the compensation which usually apply.

The flight rights in coronavirus times are still valid for all flights originating in the EU, or flights landing in the EU provided that the airline is headquartered in the EU.

We try to give you a short overview here of what has been published in the recent document:

Right of reimbursement or rerouting

When you flight will be cancelled, you have the choice to re-route to a later date or get a cash reimbursement.


Compensations suspended

Compensations for delays or cancellations due to the Coronavirus do not have to be paid. This is understandable as cancellations related to the coronavirus are not within the power of the airline.


Vouchers have not to be accepted

Some airlines offer you to cancel your flight on your own initiative and you will receive a voucher.

However, the flight rights in coronavirus times still say that if the airline cancels your flight, no matter what the reason is, they are obliged do reimburse you if that's your choice.


Right of assistance

Even in times of, or due to Covid-19, EU airlines which are not able to fly you back home need to assist you. This means that they are obliged to provide you with accommodation as well as food, even if it is not possible to bring you back for the next couple op weeks.



No mater what you do, do not cancel a trip by yourself.

The flight rights in coronavirus times still apply. Even if you know that you won’t be going, wait for the airline to cancel your trip, if you cancel by yourself you will lose your rights to make use of your Eu rights in the time of Covid-19.


Access EU communication here.

Coronavirus: How Airlines deal with Cancellations or Rebookings



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