Current offers to buy miles or points with a bonus


Below you will find the updated list of current promotions from airlines and hotels to buy points or miles, cheaper than usual due to a bonus.

Should you buy points or miles now?

Very few people are booking flights or hotels at the moment. However, airlines, hotels and other travel businesses need to raise money. Therefore, you can find a lot of them selling miles and points, with record bonuses or discounts.

In general points or miles will not gain value from the time of purchase, that being said it is not always bad to buy points or miles.

At the moment, dates and times which would generally be impossible to book, due to blackout dates, are currently wide open.
In the case you need to cancel your trip, points or miles have a further big advantage, cancelling cost are usually less than 50€ AND you will get your points/miles back.

So why shouldn’t you buy cheap points now to use them in the next 12 month and score some bargains with hotels or flights. Why should you pay 500€ for a night when you can have it for 300€, or 1200€ for a business class flight instead of 2500€?

But don’t buy points or miles without having in mind to book in the next months, as said before they won’t gain in value.
Booking now doesn’t mean you have to travel now….


List of current promotions







Hilton Honors

Bonus: 100% bonus

Maximum points bonus included: 160,000 points for 662€

Expiry date: July 08

Buy here


World of Hyatt

Bonus: 30% bonus

Maximum points bonus included: 71,500 points for 1320$

Expiry date: June 25

Buy here















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