Earn avios with every Airbnb stays & welcome bonus, TERMS CHANGED

The terms of this partnership have been changed in a bad way mostly.

For all of you who are booking trips with Airbnb and collecting avios, you now earn 2 instead of 3 Avios per €/£/$ spent when booking at airbnb.

You need to visit the British Airways e-store first.

Link to BA e-store airbnb promo

Now book your stay through the airbnb site, and with one single additional click you will earn 2 Avios per €/£/$ spent. There is no maximum cap of Avios to be earned so even expensive stays become a little bit more lucrative.

Furthermore, the welcome bonus is now different. On your first booking you will receive 6 Avios per €/£/$ spent on your first booking instead of a fix avios amount. This might represent an improvement.

You can even earn Avios by hosting your property.

Start to earn Avios with airbnb here now.

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