FIRST class Luxembourg to Worldwide destinations 1770€


With SWISS or Lufthansa.

This is a companion fare, meaning that at least two persons need to buy a ticket to get those cheap business class tickets.

How to book

The cheapest fares can be found via OTA’s. Below you can find links and prices.

(prices displayed here are for one passenger)

    • Dubai                  1770€  
    • New Delhi          1970€  
    • Bangkok             2425€  
    • Singapore          2565€  
    • Hong Kong        2465€  
    • Kuala Lumpur  2530€  
    • São Paulo          2420€  
    • Johannesburg  2530€  


A few more destinations around the world are available, find them all on the SWISS Promo page here.


Travel dates

01. May 2021 – 31. March 2022.

Availability is good to excellent, depending on the destination.

Fare Rules

Sale until 06. May 2021


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      Of course return, all our prices are always for return flights. Unless we mention something else. If you click on one of the links you will get an example date…


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