Flight review: Lufthansa Business class Helsinki-Frankfurt A320-200 (2023)

In April 2023, we flew with Lufthansa in Business Class A320-200 between Frankfurt and Helsinki, this is our review.

At the airport

The Lufthansa business class counter was used for check-in, and the waiting time was practically non-existent.

Regarding the lounge, the Aspire Lounge in Helsinki is open to Lufthansa business and status customers, but it is mediocre.

Review Lufthansa Business Class A320 gate

Review Lufthansa Business Class A320, gate


The A320-200 Business class seats of Lufthansa are arranged in a 3-3 configuration. On this flight, the first couple of rows were allocated to business class passengers. As is customary for intra-European business class flights, only the middle seats in business class are left unoccupied.

Legroom was on the lower end of the spectrum. If you are tall, your knees touch the seat in front of you if you are sitting straight. The only good thing is that you have individual air nozzles at every seat.

Food and Drinks

Shortly after take-off, a wide range of apéritifs was offered, as well as some nuts. As usual, we opted in for a Gin Tonic.

You were given the option to choose between two main course dishes, while the starters and desserts were pre-selected. Both vegetarian and meat options were available for the main course. Additionally, there were several wine choices to select from.

The food was actually good, especially the chicken on the way to Helsinki was one of the best chicken we had in the air.

In addition, the obligatory apple was served before landing.

Lufthansa continues to offer their “tasting Heimat” concept. However, it is worth noting that if you fly with Lufthansa frequently over the years, they could add more variety to their menu, as the starters and desserts appear to have remained unchanged for several years.

Review Lufthansa Business Class A320 drinks

Review Lufthansa Business Class A320 Gin & Tonic

Review Lufthansa Business Class A320 apple

Review Lufthansa Business Class A320 apple

Other Services

WiFi is typically available on this aircraft type. However, it was not functioning on the flight to Helsinki, but it was working on the flight to Frankfurt. The pricing options for WiFi were reasonable, with choices ranging from 3€, 7€, to 12€. The connection speed was acceptable, and there was no buffering when watching movies on the 12€ option.

What is particularly surprising is that Lufthansa appears to be providing pillows solely for their status customers. We hold a Senator status, and we were the only passengers in business class offered a pillow.


The service on both flights was exceptional. The crew asked us numerous times if we want a refill for our drinks, or if we need something else. They were very attentive and super friendly. Lufthansa seems to have made some improvements in this regard, anyway it is always nice to have smiling, friendly and attentive staff.

review Lufthansa Business Class A320

review Lufthansa Business Class A320

Bottom Line

While the hard product like seats are probably below average on Lufthansa's A320-200 aircraft, the soft product was excellent with solid food, good drink selections, amazing crew members and even pillows.

Opting for Lufthansa's business class on medium-haul flights may be worthwhile if the fare difference between economy and business class, including a checked baggage, is not significantly higher. This is because you can enjoy the added benefit of having good food, and an empty seat next to you in business class.

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