Lounge Review: Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki

Lounge Review Finnair Business Lounge non-Schengen area Helsinki in winter 2020.

Access & Location

The lounge is located in the non-Schengen area after security near Gate 50. The lounge has been renovated and opened in December 2019 so it is relatively new.

All Oneworld business class passengers and Oneworld Sapphire members have access to the Lounge.


Seating Options

Many seating options are available, from dining tables in the back area over nice single or double pods to work in, everyone should be able to find a convenient place to stay in. Power sockets are also available if you need to recharge your electronics.


Food & Drinks

The food and drinks selection in the Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki is excellent.

In the first room at the entrance of the lounge, you have a small buffet where you can find some finger food, like olives and small pies as well as some salad.

In the main room you have a wide choice of salads and hot dishes. When we were there you could choose between pork belly, noodles, potatoes or fish. Everything we had tasted fantastic and is freshly prepared in the open kitchen behind the buffet.

Several self-service drink counters are located across the lounge with soft drinks, wine, beer and coffee machines are available as well.

Long drinks and cocktails are prepared at the bar at the end of the Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki and are fantastic and nicely presented.

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki gin & tonic

Freshly prepared Gin & Tonic

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki hot selections Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki buffet

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki small buffet


Other Amenities

Enough restrooms, showers and of course WiFi is provided free of charge. Something really nice which I have not seen before, is that you can borrow yourself a tablet to read newspapers or magazines, a very nice feature.

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki “borrow a tablet”


The new Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki is one of the better lounges around. Due to the many seating options available, decent food and freshly prepared cocktails, you can easily spend a couple of hours here before your flight.


Walk-through video:


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  1. Marc

    I wish they kept the sauna for business class lounge !!
    Never been in but it seems such a special thing, and now become less accessible


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