Lounge Review: Luxembourg -The Lounge- (Covid-19 times)

Review Luxembourg (ELLX) “The Lounge”, in September 2020 during Covid-19.


Location & Access

The Lounge is located right after the security check on that same floor. You will have access to the lounge with Priority Pass or if you fly in business class with any carrier. If you have a mid tier status with an airline alliance you will have access to the lounge as well, no matter what class you are flying in.

For the moment this does not count for Lufthansa passengers, no access is granted to the lounge neither with a mid tier status nor if you are flying in business class.

Seating options

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, you have the choice between table seats, sofas and high chairs. Seats or tables aren't blocked even though some tables are very close together.

However, due to the fact that fewer flights depart from Luxembourg at the moment and that Lufthansa passengers have no right to enter, the lounge is very empty and social distancing is not an issue.

Luxembourg The Lounge Luxembourg The Lounge


Food & Drinks

In terms of drinks you have not as many choice as before Covid-19 in Luxembourg “The Lounge”. Spirits are not available anymore, only drinks that are served in a bottle are still available. So you can choose between small bottles of wine, champagne, all kinds of soft drinks and 4 different local beers.

In terms of food the selection remains literally  the same. The only difference is that everything comes prepacked in plastic.  All the long you can have different spreads like ham, cheese, salmon, different sorts of bread, croissants, muffins and fruit salad.

Luxembourg The Lounge Luxembourg The Lounge Luxembourg The Lounge

Other services

Showers are not available at Luxembourg “The Lounge”, only toilets. Wifi is available for free, no magazines are available anymore due to Covid-19.

A couple of charging terminals for your mobile exist as well and plenty of power sockets embedded into the floor or at the high chairs.

View on the apron


Bottom Line

For a small airport like Luxembourg “The Lounge” where transit passengers are basically non-existent,  it is good to see that the third party lounge is still open. In terms of food, the usual selection is available. Considering the drinks, they could make an effort to either serve long drinks or provide small bottles.

We wouldn't call the lounge design fancy, green chairs are not everyone's taste, but the lounge is functional and you can have a comfortable stay prior your departure.

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