Miles and More Tutorial Part 4 – Collect miles with Hotel booking sites

We will update our Miles-and-more tutorial series during next weeks. Today we will cover how to collect miles with Hotel booking sites which will offer you miles for each booking.


This post contains referral links on which we might get a points reward if you sing up through them.

List of sites offering bonus points when you book your hotel trough them
Sites explained

These are websites where you can reserve hotel rooms around the world and earn miles for each booking, usually in proportion to the price of your stay, but you will always receive at least 1000 points for your first booking.

You have to note that when booking via these sites, you will not earn stays and points at the loyalty scheme of the hotel chain.

When to book there

We recommend looking into the booking sites we describe here, when you have less than 3 stays per year at the hotel chain your desired hotel belongs to. In that case the points you earn via the hotel's scheme will probably not be enough to redeem your points and you are better of booking somewhere else if the price is right.

On all of the above mentioned sites, the price for a night is usually a little bit higher than booking  through the normal channels. In our opinion it only makes sense to book on the mentioned site when the price is not higher than 1€ per 100 miles earned.

Booking procedure

First of all you should check the price of your hotel through the normal channels.

Thereafter you can check each of the other sites to determine where you will get the best ratio in term of additional € paid / miles earned.

The miles will get credited after you stay has been completed.

Booking with Miles&More Hotels

With Miles & More hotels, the procedure is pretty straight forward. You search for your hotel, make your booking and enter your Miles&Moree number, you don't need to register anywhere.

Miles&more is not a partner of Rocketmiles and Kaligo. But a workaround exists for Rocketmiles:

Workaround for Bookings with Rocketmiles

With Heathrow rewards, you can convert your points 1:1 to the Miles&More program. First you have to create your account here and you will already receive 100 points.

Log in to your account, click my Rewards on the left, then Travel partners and select Miles & More to transfer your miles. The minimum amount to transfer is 250 points.

You have to create an account first for Kaligo and Rocketmiles before booking a hotel there. We suggest you use our links here in the text to create your account, as you will receive a bonus of 1000 points for Rocketmiles and for Kaligo when you use a refer link. With Kaligo you can earn miles at different other programs and not at Miles&More. (We will also receive a bonus when you click our links). After registration to a program via our links, you can refer another person yourself (for example you partner) to maximize the points you earn. (explained in the email you will get from them)

Now when booking via Rocketmiles remember to select the option Heathrow rewards as bonus. The rates are usually prepaid.

Kaligo is interesting if you want to collect miles with hotel bookings at a different program than Miles&More.


Lets have a look at an example for how to collect miles for the Hilton DoubleTree in Luxembourg, 18th -19th July:

You can see the best available rate with Hilton is 132€:

Now lets see the same hotel at Rocketmiles:

As you can see, the rate here is 135.49€. So in fact you will pay 3.49€ more to receive 1000 miles which is an excellent deal. Taking into account that you will receive an extra 1000 miles for your first booking, the deal gets even better as you will receive 2000 miles for 3.49€.

Finally lets see the miles you earn with Miles&More Hotels:

Here you will earn 1350 miles for 11€ more, which is sill a decent deal. But as the ratio is better with Rocketmiles, here your best choice would be to book with Rocketmiles.


All of the sites offer a couple of promotions during the year where you can earn some extra points.  Don't forget that if you travel as partners, you can use the promotions twice when crediting one stay to each member of your party.


As you can see, you should always check the hotel you want to book on these sites. It is often possible to get a decent amount of extra miles with just a small amount of Euros more when booking your hotels there. Remember to register at each of them trough our links for the referral bonus and to be able to quickly check the miles you could and earn including the referral bonus.


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    • luxtravel Post author

      unfortunately you can always just credit the extra miles to one person.
      A workaround would be to split your booking. If you book 2 nights for example, you could book one night on one name and the other night on the other name as a separate booking.


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