Miles & More Mileage Pooling Now Available For All Countries !?

Until now, miles & more mileage pooling was only available for members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, it seems to be now available everywhere now despite not advertised.

We can confirm that it is already working for Luxembourg.

What is Miles & More Mileage Pooling?

Lufthansa Mileage Pooling gives you the opportunity to create a mileage pool between you, your partner and up to 5 children.


How to create a Mileage Pool

You have to create your Lufthansa Mileage Pool via the Miles & More app.

On the bottom right click more, and then under “Earn miles” click Mileage Pooling tab.

lufthansa mileage pooling

Now click on invite member. Add the Miles & More number of the person to add and click invite. He or she will now receive a notification with the possibility to join your Lufthansa Mileage Pool.

If successful you wil see the person you invited in your miles & more mileage pool.

miles & more mileage pooling

The details about Miles & More Mileage Pooling

In terms of redeeming your miles, Miles & More will automatically select the most favorable alternative for members; in other words, the system manages the miles automatically according to the possible expiry date.

The award miles closest to expiry are redeemed first across all accounts. In the case of mileage protection, the award miles that were earned first will be the ones redeemed.

In addition, protected miles will not be redeemed unless the unprotected ones are insufficient for the desired reward. An individual selection of the miles to be redeemed is not possible.


Bottom Line

Mileage pooling is always a nice feature and available at more and more mileage programs. It is interesting to see if Miles & More mileage pooling really works in every country now.

Feel free to let us know in the comments.


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