Miles&More Flex Plus fare, pay fees on award tickets with miles

Miles&More is offering a new Flex Plus fare, on flights with Lufthansa, Austrian or SWISS in all classes, allowing you to pay a big chunk of taxes & fees on award tickets with miles.

Miles & More Flex Plus Fare in detail

The new Miles & More Flex plus fare has now been introduced on for award bookings on Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian.

Until February 28, 2021, you have the possibility to use miles only for your award bookings, including airline surcharges for flights until February 28, 2022.

However, also with this fare there will be some taxes & fees to pay, but significantly less than usually. This practice was always a huge drawback of miles & more because depending on your point of departure, the taxes & fees were tremendous. For economy fares, the so-called airline surcharges were often higher than simply booking a fare with cash only.

The Flex Plus fare is only available online.


Miles & More Flex Plus Fare tested

We've made some test bookings to see how many more miles are needed and how much money you can spare. It seems that there are huge variations in how much you can get for a mile using this new fare.

Let's have a look at some examples:

  • Frankfurt to Los Angeles in Business class return

For 33'000 additional miles you would save 480,14€ = 1,45cents per mile.


  • Frankfurt to Los Angeles in economy class return

miles & more flex plus fare

You will save 268,14€ for an additional 15'000 miles =1,78cents per mile.


  • Frankfurt to London business class return

flex plus fare

With a surplus of 5'000 miles you would save 40€ = 0.8cents per mile.


We've tested a few more, and the saving you can get will be somewhere between 0,5 – 1,8 cents per mile used, it highly depends on the city pairs and dates.


How many more miles you have to spent for the miles & more flex plus fare:

  • Europe to Europe: 2000 in economy and 5000 in business class
  • Europe to North America: 15000 in economy and 33000 in business class
  • Europe to South America: 20000 in economy and 43000 in business class
  • Europe to South East Asia: 20000 in economy and 43000 in business class


Bottom line

It is always good to see that you can use your miles in new ways. With the new miles & more flex plus fare, you can now pay the “airline surcharges” imposed on flights with Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss on their award tickets.

If you have tons of miles it will often be a good deal, but not everyone has that many miles. But you might also consider using your miles, especially if you can redeem them for more than 1,5 cents per miles used.


Lufthansa's official press release.

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