Miles-and-More: Earn 15 Miles per 1€ spent, today only


Today, 19.03.2023, you can earn !! 15 !! miles at miles-and-more per 1€ spent with Cadooz. This is the highest bonus ever seen.

What is Cadooz?

Cadooz is a company providing gift vouchers for many shops in Germany. Miles-and-More and Cadooz have a partnership where you will earn miles for each € spent on gift vouchers that you purchase.


How to get the extra miles with Cadooz?

If you plan on shopping at one of the participating shops, simply buy a gift voucher first via Cadooz. If you use the voucher later on, online or at the store itself, you will earn extra miles.

Visit the Miles & More – Cadooz Promotion site here.

Enter your Miles-and-More number and click on continue, you will then be redirected to the Cadooz website.

If you are buying gift cards now, miles will automatically be credited to your account.


Which shops are participating?

As you can see int the list below, you have many opportunities at different stores to buy your gift vouchers, even the Apple Store is listed.

BestChoice Classic vouchers are very interesting, because those vouchers can be converted to coupons for C&A, Decathlon, IKEA, Nintendo eShop, OTTO, Starbucks...

All BestChoice Classic partners can be found here.


Combine Cadooz and Payback to earn more miles

Many of the shops available at Cadooz are also members of Payback.

When you buy a gift voucher with Cadooz from a shop that is also a partner shop at Payback, you can use Payback Coupons for that particular shop (if available), and combine both offers.

In such a case, you can easily get up to more than 10 miles at Miles-and-More per 1 € spent.

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