We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary

This month, we from premium-flights.com celebrate our anniversary.

2 years ago we started our blog with some few deals that we posted every few days.

We started this blog as we were looking for good deals ourselves, basically every day. So we thought why not also helping others by publishing deals that we have found.

From a few posts a week we got to posting many deals daily.

A bit later we also started to provide our readers with travel tips on maximizing their points as well as lounge or flight reviews and everything you need to know about travel.

Each week and month we got new motivation when looking at our stats.

I remember that after a few weeks since we started our blog we said it would be great to have 500 clicks a day, and a few months later we said it would be terrific if we would have 1000 clicks in a day. Then we asked our selves how many years it would take to reach a total of 1,000,000 clicks…well a few months later we've reached that as well.

A few months ago we have started a small cooperation with Godsavethepoints, we always loved his blog and like us there is no big company behind. If you haven't visited his blog until now, we would strongly recommend you to visit his blog if you are a fan of good travel stories and tips.

Our blog continued continuously growing in terms of clicks and visitors…until Covid-19.

March and April 2020 was the first time that we had 2 months in a row with fewer visitors as the months before. Covid-19 was and still is a shock for the world, people had and a lot of people still have other worries than thinking about traveling and cheap business or first class tickets.

However, when looking at our stats during the last 3 weeks, we see that people (at least our audience) are starting again to look for good deals, and there are a few good ones available.

At the moment we are only publishing cheap business or first class tickets for travel dates later in the year or even in the year 2021, so basically those deals which we would book as well for ourselves.

Most probably you will have to wear a face mask until end of the year when taking a flight, some will accept this fact others won't and will probably not start flying again until a vaccine is ready.

Premium-Flights.com face mask


We would like to thank everyone of you for visiting our site and helping us to bring you the best business and first class deals out there.

If you enjoy our blog and would like to support us, you can buy us a coffee 😉

6 comments on “We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary

  1. Washington

    Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to flying with you again soon 😀

  2. Marc Boterberg

    Congratulations with your 2nd anniversary. A fantastic and very relevant blog you have there. Please continue.
    And indeed we are great fan from Gilbert Ott’s „Godsavethepoints“ as well.

  3. Gil

    Congratulations for this 2 years of great work! Keep up with it. Hopefully travel will come back and we can start enjoying again our trips in business and first class 😀

  4. Daan van Eibergen Santhagens

    Congrats and you do a fantastic job
    Suggestion to combine it with hotel deals?

    Thanks and regards

    • premiumflights

      Thank you for your suggestion, we always like to hear what our readers would like to find on our page.

      We sometimes post deals where you have to book a flight together with a hotel to get a cheap business class flight, in our category “hotel deals” we post as well deals about buying cheap points with a bonus.

      To post other hotel offers would be to time intensive, to be honest we know not enough about cheap hotel prices, and we would need to study prices first for a while before knowing what a good price would be.


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