Review: DoubleTree by Hilton Luxembourg during Covid-19

Review of the DoubleTree by Hilton in Luxembourg during the Covid-19 pandemic end of 2020.

We received an upgrade to their best suite, the King Suite with a separate bedroom and small kitchen.


The Hilton Luxembourg is located in the Dommeldange district of Luxembourg.

This district is not really centrally located, and it is not possible to visit Luxembourg City by foot from here. However, a bus stop is located very close to the entrance of the hotel and the bus will take you in around 15 minutes to the city center. From the airport however we advise using a taxi because you have to make quite a big detour to arrive at the hotel by public transportation.


Our suite was very spacious and there is nothing to complain here. You enter the room via the huge living room where you can find a couch, a small table, a TV as well as a dining table for 4 people.

From the living room you have access to a separate toilet and a small kitchen where you can find a sink and a microwave.

From the bedroom you have access to the master bathroom including another toilet and a bathtub shower combo.

The suite was very clean and the usual clean stay stickers were present.

Rooms in the Hilton Luxembourg are a bit minimalist in terms of furniture, however you can find anything you need.

There is also a small balcony, which however is not accessible. The view from the room was gorgeous overlooking the local forest.

Hilton Luxembourg

Hilton Luxembourg view from the room

Hilton Luxembourg

Hilton Luxembourg Kitchen in suite

Hilton Luxembourg review living room Hilton Luxembourg review ironing board Hilton Luxembourg clean stay

Food & Drinks

Even keeping in mind the Covid-19 restrictions, the hotel did not meet our expectations in terms of food.

Due to the pandemic, the bar & restaurant were completely shut down after breakfast, so there was literally no possibility to acquire any food or drinks here. They advise you to make a delivery order from nearby restaurants instead. I would think that at least a small menu should be available, either for pickup at the reception or as classic room service, which was not the case.

In terms of breakfast, you can choose to have it in their restaurant, or you have to pick up breakfast “to go” to eat in your room.

For breakfast, you had to pick a time already at check in. As we checked in quite late, for the first day the only options available were 06:30 and 10:00, therefor we choose the to go option here.

The “to go” option was not impressive and the picture below shows everything you get. The most interesting part here might have been the cup, as you do not receive any drinks in your package to use it.

If you choose to have breakfast in their restaurant, the selection is mediocre as well. Frozen pastries, ham, cheese, jam, chocolate and creamed cheese are your only cold options. In terms of hot food you can choose between scrambled eggs and sausage. The cleaning wipes place all over the buffet are special as well.

In terms of coffee, you have to get it yourself via the self-serving machines, which is not ideal during Covid-19 as people queued up without respecting any distances here.


Hilton Luxembourg review

“To Go” Breakfast Hilton Luxembourg

Hilton Luxembourg hot options Hilton Luxembourg review breakfast Hilton Luxembourg wipes


Considering the staff, we encountered mixed experiences as well. During check in the receptionist was very friendly. However, during breakfast, staff was pretty rude and not friendly at all.

Another problem resulted due to the fact that you have to order your food in the evening from outside.

During check in we've got told that we will receive plates and cutlery here after we pick up the food. However, a long queue was present at the reception, and they told us that we have to wait in the queue.  This is not acceptable as you have your hot dishes already with you,  we do not understand why they do not prepare some cutlery and plates on a table for people to pickup by themselves. We ended up entering the closed restaurant and took everything we need by our-self.

Hilton Luxembourg

Queue of people checking in

Other Services

Usually they offer a small fitness room and a heated indoor pool, but understandably due to the pandemic both were closed.

Bottom Line

As a conclusion we can say that we do not recommend the Hilton Luxembourg during the pandemic. Literally the only thing you get is a room to sleep in with no other services at all. Only the prices which for the time being start at 75€ per night might qualify the hotel for a mattress run.


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