Paid Status Match: Royal Air Maroc (oneworld)

Royal Air Maroc, a member of oneword, is offering a paid status match from many airlines and even from hotels.

Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer has four statuses:

  • Silver                             —-> oneworld Ruby
  • Gold                              —-> oneworld Sapphire
  • Platinum Lite             —-> oneworld Emerald
  • Platinum Standard—–> oneworld Emerald

The following fees apply to successful status match requests:

$150 for Silver.
$450 for Gold.
$1000 for Platinum Lite.
$1500 for Platinum Standard

When matched you will have a fully valid oneworld status.

During the applying process you will already be told to what tier you will be matched before paying.

The match is valid until June 30 2024. To extend your status until December 31 2024, you must fly Royal Air Maroc once and collect a status mile or have an active Royal Air Maroc booking.

See the following tables for available airlines and hotels you can match from:


Airlines available for status matching
Hotels available for status matching


Access Royal Air Maroc status match page here.


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