Tutorial: British Airways Executive Club – Part 2, Other avios Partners and why you should register at all of them

We will provide you with an 2022 updated Tutorial series about British Airways Executive Club.

Other avios partners program, Iberia, Aerclub…


All partner programs of the Executive Club.

avios Partners

Avios, a shared currency

As we already described in the previous tutorial the currency at the Executive Club to redeem for reward flights is Avios. British Airways is not the only airline which uses Avios as a currency. Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling also use Avios. The best thing is that you can transfer Avios between all of those programs so that you can use them where you can redeem them best.

Let's have a look at the other programs. You should go to all of these sites and create an account with them. You will then be able to take advantage of all Avios earning promotions no matter where they appear.


avios Partners

Iberia Plus

Iberia Plus is Iberia's loyalty scheme and is probably the most interesting partner of the Executive Club. With Iberia, you can redeem your Avios for a much lower amount of fees for reward flights, for example to the US, but we will come to that in a different part of the tutorial series. Furthermore, their off-peak and peak calendars are different from than those of British Airways which could give you a decent value sometimes.

avios Partners

You can now combine your Avios with British Airways at BA's site or Iberia's site under “combine my avios”. Just be aware that your Iberia Plus account needs to be at least 90 days old and activated before combining your Avios will work.

An account will be activated if you somehow earn at least one single Avios. This can be achieved relatively easy as Groupon.es often sells Avios for a very good price.

The next time a Groupon.es Avios Sale is available, you may buy the cheapest package, in order to get your account activated.



avios Partners

Avios.com – AerClub and Vueling Club

Avios.com now partnered up with Aer Lingus and Vueling. Usually it is sufficient to head to the Aer Lingus website of the AerClub and create an account there. Those logins are also valid at avios.com, and on the avios.com website you can access your AerClub's Avios balance. Now you are able to also combine your Avios from avios.com with British Airways or Iberia. Groupon.ie recently also had an offer to buy Avios for the Aerclub.

avios Partners


You should have an account at all 3 of these programs to make sure that you can always make use of every promotion available over the different programs. You need to activate your Iberia Plus account, so you can easily transfer your Avios between all of these programs.


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