Tutorial: British Airways Executive Club – Part 3, Alternative ways to earn extra avios

We will provide you an overview with alternative ways to earn avios without flying.

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Alternative ways to earn avios without flying.


Avios eStore / British Airways eStore

In the avios eStore or British Airways eStore, you have a bunch of different online stores where you can earn some extra avios. But not only stores, as well hotel booking sites like booking.com.

Depending on the store, you can earn from 1 to 20 avios for each £/€ spent. The list of available stores is very big so your best bet is to have a look at the list of stores yourself.


Earn extra avios with hotel bookings

Rocketmiles and Kaligo are both sites where you will earn avios when you book your hotel trough them. We always suggest you book your hotel there only if you will not pay more than 1€ per 100 avios received comparing to booking trough the normal channels. Head to Rocketmiles or Kaligo, and register your account to receive an 500 or 1000 extra avios on your first booking.

We covered all the details on the process in our Miles & More series. Basically the same guidelines also count for collecting avios so simply visit our post here: Collecting Points in Luxembourg: Miles-and-More: Part 4 – Miles with Hotel booking sites (Rocketmiles, Miles&More Hotels,…)


Earn avios with credit cards

For Luxembourg or Belgium you can earn bonus Points with American Express here.


Depending on where you live, British Airways offers dedicated credit cards with whom you can earn avios on your every day expenses. Just head to the BA site and select your country in the top right corner to see if British Airways is offering a credit card in your country.

If this is not the case you can always apply for a normal American Express card and earn points through the American Express Rewards Scheme. Those points can be converted to avios.


British Airways Holidays

At British Airways Holidays you can book your flight & Hotel together with British Airways. You will earn one extra avios for every € spent here. Another advantage of the site is that you only have to pay a deposit at the time of booking and can pay the rest of the amount 5 weeks before travelling.


Buy avios during sale

From time to time, sales are available where you can buy avios with a huge discount, either on the British Airways, Iberia or any Groupon site. To stay up-to-date with these offers you best stay tuned on our Blog as we will cover the available offers.


Earn points with Car rentals

You can earn points with car rentals at the Executive club with Avis, Budget or Maggiore. Another possibility is to book your flight and car together at the British Airways site. The full list of available car rental services can be found here.

Avis is probably the most interesting choice. You will earn one avios per € spent and a minimum of 500 avios. Furthermore, after your 4th car rental you will get an 1000 avios bonus.


Even more ways to earn avios

From Parking to currency exchange, many more possibilities exist to earn some avios. You best just head to British Airways and see the entire list for yourself.



If you are looking to collect as many avios as possible, always keep in mind that at almost any travel expense you can earn some extra avios to top up your account.


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