Is Business Class Worth It? Absolutely !!

On the internet, you will come across a lot of nonsense, like Business Class tickets are priced at seven times the cost of an economy ticket, or that business class seats don’t turn into a bed.

This may indeed be the case in some circumstances, but only if you neglected to complete your homework before purchasing a business class ticket.


What to expect when flying in Business Class?

Business Class travelers are entitled to complimentary amenities, which begin at the airport with a dedicated business class check-in counter that typically has shorter queues. Typically, you’re also allowed to check in two bags, and they can weigh more compared to what’s allowed in economy class.

As a business class passenger, you will also be granted complimentary access to the airline’s or their partner’s airport lounge. Some airport lounges feature chefs who cook your food fresh for you, while others have a large Gin Bar, and others even have showers or beds where you may relax. And as mentioned, all of this is free.

Once on board, you can anticipate fine dining experiences with many courses, such as an appetizer and dessert, as well as an extensive selection of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Additionally, the food is typically of a higher caliber and comes from a separate menu than what other passengers in lower classes receive.

In terms of comfort, you may expect luxurious seating that turn into a bed with plenty of space, a dedicated workspace, amenity kits and other additional perks.


Different Business Class cabins

This is where your homework should begin. Many people buy business class flights without knowing what to anticipate. What we previously stated is still accurate, but it varies depending on the airline or route.

Different airlines offer different business class cabins, some are top-notch, others are outdated. It might be that you book a business class flight, and you get your own mini suite, with sliding doors and lie flat seats.

However, if you don’t pay attention, it might happen that you book a business class flight with another airline, and you’ll get an old recliner seat with no privacy at all.


Choosing the right airline

Airlines you should avoid if you want lie-flat seats, are usually the one that offer the cheapest tickets. However, this doesn’t mean that affordable business class tickets don’t exist with reputable airlines. On our page you can find hundreds of cheap business class flights, for under 2000€/$/£, with Airlines like Lufthansa, Swiss, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and more.

Airlines that offer no lie flat seats are for example Azores Airlines (except one A330-200) and Icelandair.


Long Haul vs. Short haul flights

Not only the right airline is important! On different routes, the same airline may offer a complete different business class product. Most of the time, a different business class product is offered on short haul flights, compared to long haul flights.

It starts already with the aircraft type, most short haul flights are operated by narrow body aircraft, like an Airbus A321 or a Boeing 737. Whereas, long haul flights are usually operated by wide body aircraft, like an Airbus A350 or B787. In wide body aircraft, you may always expect lie-flat seats if you choose the right airline, with narrow body aircraft only a few airlines offer lie-flat seats.

Google Flights is a great aid because it displays you whether the business class cabin includes recliner or lie flat seats. Here’s an example from TAP: on select routes from Lisbon to North America and vice versa, flights are operated by narrow body aircraft, such as an A321neo, but you receive lie flat seats and all the other comforts of wide body aircraft in business class. (Review TAP A321neo Business class)

Short-haul or domestic flights rarely have lie-flat seats, except for JetBlue’s Mint class. Some flights with American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and even United Airlines have lie-flat seats within the United States too, especially on routes from the east to the west coast. Again, Google Flights is a great resource for finding the proper flight.

Furthermore, there are several short-haul flights within Europe that are operated by aircraft with lie-flat seats in the Business Class cabin.


Should you avoid short-haul flights in Business Class?

Even though most short haul flights do not offer luxurious seats that turn into lie flat seats in business class, it still might be the better option for you, than buying an economy class ticket. You will still get the same service on the ground, with lounge access and dedicated check-in counter, and checked baggage. Of course, on board you will have fewer comfort compared to a long haul flight, it’s still better than economy class.

In Europe, the business class seats are usually in a 3-3 configuration, with blocked middle seats. So, at least you won’t have to share your armrest with your neighbor. Plus, the service is better than economy class, and you even get free meals on short flights.

In Asia, and on some domestic flights in the US, the business class cabin features seats in a 2-2 configuration, with much larger and comfier seats with more legroom, compared to the 3-3 configuration on the same plane in economy class.


Ticket cost

The price is often the most important factor for travelers if they ask themselves if business class is worth it. Prices in business class, but also in other classes, vary all the time. You may find a ticket from Europe to New York in Business Class for around 1200€, and when you look a week later the same tickets will cost you the double. There are numerous factors that influence ticket prices, such as demand, seasonality, and availability. A while back, we shared a post about the best time to buy a business class ticket. It might come in handy when you’re planning your next trip.


The Final Question: Is it worth flying in Business Class?

If someone asked us if flying Business Class is worth it, we’d say it’s definitely worth. However, even though you know it costs more, it has to fit your budget. We wouldn’t pay exorbitant prices just to fly business class. Business class comes with many benefits, as mentioned earlier. Plus, you’ll earn more miles and points to reach a higher status and earn more miles for your next free flight.

Ultimately, it’s your decision to make. You need to decide if you appreciate all the extra benefits that come with it and if they’re worth paying more for a business class ticket. Some travelers see a flight as just a way to reach their destination, while others view it as part of the journey itself, especially when flying with a business class ticket, where the vacation starts at the airport.


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