Lounge Review: Marhaba Lounge Zurich

This is our review from the Marhaba Lounge at the Zurich airport.

Location and Access

The Marhaba Lounge Zuirch is located in the Schengen area, near the B Gates area.

This is a third party lounge,  you can access is with a lounge membership like Priority Pass.

Additionally, several airlines, including KLM, Emirates, Vueling, and Condor, use this lounge for their business class customers.

Marhaba Lounge Zurich review location
Marhaba Lounge Zurich Location and Access

Seating options

The lounge was really packed at some point and there was a huge queue of people trying to get in.

The usual sofas and dining tables are available across this rather small lounge. What was nice is that there are a few “pods,” enclosed by curtains, each with a sleeping sofa inside.

There are some fancier seating options available, but it might be more practical to use that space for additional seating to accommodate a few more passengers.

Food and Drinks

In terms of drinks, the selection was pretty basic with some low brand spirits, soft drinks, coffee, beer and wine.

Regarding food, there were some tasty cold options. The hot dishes however were limited to one, even not always filled during our visit.

Some sweets and apples “round” up the selection in the Marhaba Lounge.

Other Amenities

Beside free Wi-Fi, there is nothing to add in terms of other amenities.

The bathrooms are located outside the lounge and are shared with some other lounges as well as the public, so they were really filthy during our visit.

Bottom Line

The lounge is nothing special. It’s fine for grabbing a quick drink and snack, but with the number of visitors to this small lounge, you probably won’t have a relaxed stay.

If you want a proper meal, you’re better off visiting one of the many restaurants at Zurich airport.

Marhaba Lounge Zurich review entrance
Marhaba Lounge Zurich Entrance


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