Get 2500 Avios for Free

Qatar Airways is now using avios as points currency, if you join Qatar Airways Privilege Club by 31 March 2022, using the promo code FLYQR3, you will get 2,500 bonus avios instantly, for free, which can be transferred to British Airways.

When you create a Qatar Aiways Privelege Club account, you will be asked to link your British Airways account.

After you've entered all the needed information, you can transfer your free 2500 avios to British Airways, via the “Combine Avios” function.

If you have a household account, you can repeat this process for each member ;).

Link to the Promotion


More info about Qatar Airways and avios.

Major: Qatar Airways Switches To Avios

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7 comments on “Get 2500 Avios for Free

    • premiumflights Post author

      You should get the 2.500 Avios immediately in your Qatar Airways account after the registration with the promo code. From there you have to transfer them to BA.
      So you didn’t get the avios in your Qatar Airways account? Or did you already have an account, because this promo is only for new Qatar members…

      • Françoise

        I am in the same situation as Phil.
        I just subscribe to the qatar account with the promo code and then linked my ba account
        But i did not receive any additionnal avios
        Did i do something wrong ?
        Thank you for your answer

        • premiumflights Post author

          Unless they have cancelled the promotion, you did nothing wrong. Even without linking your ba account, you should see the 2,500 avios in your Qatar Airways account. If that is not the case, they seemed to end the promotion a bit earlier 🙁

  1. Damien

    Often BA is more expensive on the taxes and fees when booking award flights. Check which is best before transferring.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Yes that’s true. Once you have the avios in your BA account you can transfer them to Iberia or Aer Lingus as well.


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